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Fresh Produce

At Supreme Packaging, Fresh Produce clients are our number one biggest client base, and because of that we like to think that we really know all there is to know about fresh produce packaging. Supreme is a well-regarded and preferred supplier of films by the major supermarket chains including Coles, Woolworths and ALDI. We also are able to offer sequential numbering for our fresh produce bags.

  • We provide heat-sealable, anti-fog BOPP in both micro and macro perforated formats, and these can be printed in up to eight colours on both sides.
  • Food Safety is of paramount importance to us and we operate according to guidelines outlined by the Australian Food Standard sub section 1.4.3 and 1.5.2 and Australian Standard for Plastics Materials for Food Contact Use AS2070-1999 to ensure a high quality and safe product for our clients. Please see our Declaration re films used.
  • We recognize that flexibility in supply is critical in the Fresh Produce industry. Forward planning and stock control is important but just as important is the ability to produce and supply film at very short notice.
    • Our customers are often under pressure to launch a new product or run a special at short notice and Supreme is always ready to provide a supply solution – not an excuse why it can’t be done.
      • We provide many of our customers with a stock holding service offering. This allows our customers to get price advantages from longer production runs as well as providing the peace of mind that films can be dispatched at short notice.

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